Video demonstrating SDRplay remote operation

The SDRplay RSPduo

(Source: Jon Hudson at SDRPlay)

This video guide demonstrates the new RSP TCP server software which is now included in the latest Raspberry Pi SD Card image. The video shows how easy it is to set up an RSP at a remote location for access over the internet.

Click here to view on YouTube.

The video uses a Raspberry Pi at the remote location, and a Windows PC running HDSDR back at home base.

We are only demonstrating the Raspberry Pi version of the server here. Also, we are demonstrating extended mode (enabling the full RSP ADC resolution which only works with software which supports an EXTIO interface). Other (non EXTIO compatible) RTL-SDR software will also run via the server on an RSP device – but in “normal mode” meaning that the data resolution will be restricted to 8 bits.

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3 thoughts on “Video demonstrating SDRplay remote operation

  1. Andrew

    Now, if one (or some friend) has a cabin up some mountain, the whole setup may allow to have a remote receiver which may then be used from home and be very useful in one leaves in a high RFI place 🙂 !!

      1. Andrew

        Well, first of all forgive me for the typos (in one leaves -> if one lives), then, the RSPduo would fit perfectly with such a config since the two separate antenna inputs may allow to remotely switch between two antennas w/o the need for additional hardware also, having enough real estate around, the receiver may be connected to some “big” antennas which would be impossible to setup at home 🙂


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