Big Sunspot Produces “Ocean Surf” Sounds on Shortwave

Though sunspots have been rare this year, Sunspot AR2738 has been producing bursts which have been heard as radio static – that sounds like “ocean surf” – on shortwave.

This was posted early this morning at – along with a recording:

If you have a shortwave radio, you might have heard some unusual sounds this week. Big sunspot AR2738 is producing strong bursts of radio static. “They sound like ocean surf,” says Thomas Ashcraft, who recorded this specimen on April 13th using an amateur radio telescope in New Mexico:

Credit: Observation of Thomas Ashcroft via

Please refer to the Archive for more info.

Guest Post by Troy Riedel

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4 thoughts on “Big Sunspot Produces “Ocean Surf” Sounds on Shortwave

  1. Thomas

    Great minds think alike, Troy! I almost double posted this story! (In fact, I did publish it and immediately pulled it!) 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Troy Riedel Post author

      I was up at 3A due to a Tornado Warning … that’s likely why I beat you (thanks to my whole house generator I rarely go offline … as long as the roof stays on!).

      1. Thomas

        Yes indeed! Storms in NC were pretty bad too (although we were largely spared in the mountains) but I know your area was hit pretty hard. That system did certainly give us clear skies in the aftermath, though.


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