Halloween: A playground for shortwave pirates!

Halloween is typically the most active day of the year for shortwave pirates. Halloween falls on Thursday, October 31st, and although this is the middle of the week, expect pirates to emerge like The Great Pumpkin!

Here are three things you’ll want to do Halloween night:

1. Hobby Broadcasting Blog

Check out Andrew Yoder’s pirate radio blog ,the Hobby Broadcasting blog.

Andrew is the author of the Pirate Radio Annual and a guru on shortwave pirate radio. Andrew has already logged some Halloween stations this weekend.

2. HF Underground


Follow real-time pirate radio spots and loggings on the HF Underground discussion forum. Chris Smolinski at HFU typically posts post-Halloween pirate stats on the SWLing Post as well–always a fascinating overview.

3. Listen!

Photo by Bill Patalon

Listen for pirate radio stations today and throughout the weekend!  Turn on your radio anytime today, but especially around twilight and tune between 6,920 – 6,980 kHz. Pirates broadcast on both AM and SSB; you’re bound to hear a few. If you’re brand new to pirate radio listening, you might read my pirate radio primer by clicking here. I will be listening until late in the evening.

Happy Halloween to all! 

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4 thoughts on “Halloween: A playground for shortwave pirates!

  1. Bill Patalon

    Thomas ….

    Thanks so much for the photo credit on my singing-skull pic. You always conduct yourself with class — yet another reason your site enjoys “must-read” status …

    I repost lots of your stuff on the FB and Twitter social media extensions of my daily investing newsletter… and see nice interest on your content.

    You do nice work, Thomas. I’m a fan and feel fortunate to be a loyal follower…



  2. Andrew

    It would be an interesting experiment to leave an sdr running and recording the pirate band, at that point one may rewind time 🙂 and check the recording for pirate stations appearing … and disappearing

    Arrrrr 😀


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