LRA36 anniversary broadcast today!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the photo above and video below of the LRA36 crew heading to the broadcast building on the Argentine Antarctic Research Station this morning.

Adrian has also provided the following broadcast schedule (in Spanish) for the anniversary program:

This frequency has not yet opened to eastern North America, but I will be listening today, all day. I have noted that there are few KiwiSDR stations in South America available at the moment. No doubt, listeners are taking up the available seats in hopes of hearing the anniversary broadcast.

I suspect this may be one of the largest audiences LRA36 has broadcast to over its 40 years on the air!

Post Readers: If you manage to capture a good recording of the broadcast, I’d love to post it on the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive.

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4 thoughts on “LRA36 anniversary broadcast today!

  1. Harald

    Many thanks indeed for publishing the schedule here. I really enjoyed listening to the programs, including one in German. Even though I had to use a remote SDR receiver rather than my own for getting a readable signal 🙂 Many thanks too to RAE Argentina al Mundo for producing interesting pieces in different languages. The first time I heard LRA36 on 15476 kHz in Germany was back in 1981 or 1982. Still have their QSL.

  2. Ernesto

    Recibida informacion del evento con retraso, quiza para la proxima ocasion sea OK.
    Un abrazo desde España.
    EA1002SWL // EA1YA

  3. N6LPO

    Maybe next time when you want to promote a show like this, try to be a little more clear about the times and time zones.


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