Radio Deal: Retekess V115 $14.00 shipped on Amazon

After looking at the Eton Elite Mini sale Christian shared, I discovered that the Retekess V115 is currently $14.00 shipped on Amazon “for a limited time.”

Click here to read our previous reviews of this radio. The V-115 makes for a great portable broadcast receiver/recorder and has very pleasant audio–certainly a benchmark performer in the sub $25 category. It’s a great little backup radio to keep in the car glove compartment or go-bag. This is the lowest prices for the V-115 I’ve ever seen. This receiver typically floats around the $23-25 range.

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3 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Retekess V115 $14.00 shipped on Amazon

  1. John

    I have a RETEKESS V115, bought it for $15 on ebay (seen it as low as $13 and selling for over $35).

    At $15 it’s a real bargain, excellent sensitivity on FM/AM and the audio quality is astonishing, it actually has some bass to it on FM stations. On SW I was able to receive Radio Habana easily and some other stations. That it also has a mic and can record on-air broadcasts and comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery and usb charging cable makes it a steal.

    I saw RETEKESS recently released this world band radio (RETEKESS TR102) and it’s selling for around $20 on ebay and Amazon:

    Has anyone gotten a hold of one and put it through its paces?
    Would be interested in knowing how it performs.

  2. Victor

    Perhaps on SW it is worse, but on VHF it has no equal. Try the same with Tecsun
    Without redoing anything in this receiver, with it you can easily get any frequency in the range of 30-230 MHz with a resolution of 100 kHz and a bandwidth of the same order.


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