Radio Deal: Eton Elite Mini $19.99 shipped

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Christian, who writes:

Thomas: the new Eton Elite Mini is on sale for $19.99 plus free shipping from This is the latest in Eton’s series of “mini” radios. If you’re looking for a nice stocking stuffer radio, this is a great one! If you already own a previous mini I wouldn’t bother buying because I feel like this might just be an updated body design. Internals are probably the same. Still while the Elite Mini is on sale, it’s actually cheaper than the discounted previous version which is currently $21.

Click here to view on Amazon (affiliate link supports the SWLing Post).

Thanks for the tip, Christian!

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5 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Eton Elite Mini $19.99 shipped

  1. Dan

    I picked one of these up from Universal Radio at a similar price. I really have no complaints at this price point, but its worth noting that the coverage has changed from the older Mini 400. Most importantly, shortwave coverage cuts off at 5.9MHz, which leaves a couple of the larger NA broadcasters out of this radios frequency range. I also find that you can’t attach a longer antenna without getting overwhelmed by interference, but I’m in a city close to a cell tower so ymmv.

    This is a good radio for the price, but shortwave coverage on this unit is more or less a novelty in my opinion.

  2. Richard Simpson

    I am looking for an inexpensive radio that includes a BFO for CW and SSB reception. Can you suggest a model?

  3. Mike S

    Oddly, the updated online verison of the manual for this radio (dated 03-20-2019) does not mention the ability to change the AM step rate using the MIN button, as marked on the front of the case. I have an earlier verison of the Mini, which functions in an identical manner, and the printed manual clearly explains this.


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