Radio Deal: AirSpy 30% off Black Friday Sale

The AirSpy HF+ SDR

Just discovered through the AirSpy Twitter account that they’re offering 30% off all of their products via their authorized retail outlets.

This morning, I posted an article featuring their $169 HF+ Discovery. Another AirSpy SDR I highly recommend is the $199 HF+ SDR. This deal would give you 30% off those prices.

According to AirSpy, the coupon code AWARDWINNING2019 will be activated “within a few hours.” I believe this might mean at midnight UTC because they had mentioned a November 26th activation date. Although the sale extends until December 2, 2019, AirSpy states that supplies are limited.

If you’ve been considering an AirSpy product, now would be a good time to grab one!

Click here for a list of participating retailers in your region.

Note that we’re posting all of the holiday radio deals we discover with the tag: Black Friday Radios 2019

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5 thoughts on “Radio Deal: AirSpy 30% off Black Friday Sale

    1. Thomas Post author

      In a sense, they’re two different animals…

      The nutshell answer?

      If you’re only concerned with reception below 30 MHz, go for the HF+ Discovery. Its performance in this region of the spectrum is stellar. Especially at 30% off, it’s the best deal on the market at present. It also covers most of the VHF band.

      If you want the best *wideband* receiver to cover everything from 1 kHz to 2 GHz, then definitely go for the RSPdx. Its performance below 30 MHz is admirable and a significant upgrade over the RSP2 series.


    2. Jake Brodsky, AB3A

      If you’re looking for broadband coverage straight to 2 GHz, you’ll want the RSPdx. It is a decent receiver with lots of preselecting filters to help deal with overload from out of band signals. However, if you’re looking for good close-in dynamic range (the ability to hear weaker signals in the presence of much stronger ones nearby), and you don’t mind the limitation of only listening up to 31 MHz and from 60 through 260 MHz, then I recommend the HF+ Discovery.

      I have the earlier version, the HF+ dual port, and I have used other 14 bit receivers. They’re solid receivers. However, the wider you go with front end bandwidth, the more likely it is that the noise floor will rise from Intermodulation distortion products. That’s just a fact of RF engineering.

      So it largely depends upon what sorts of signals you want to listen to. If you mostly like HF and VHF, you will probably want the HF+ Discovery. But if you want to listen to all sorts of VHF, UHF and satellite signals, then the RSPdx is probably a better fit.

  1. John

    MY HF + Discovery Ordered and discounted, for my wife to present to me this Xmas.
    Thanks for the heads up!
    73 es DX de N3BE


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