Radio Deal: The new Eton Elite Executive for $100 shipped and free returns

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Christian, who writes with another Eton deal:

Hi Thomas. Just a heads up that Amazon has an Elite Executive for $100 shipped and free returns. This is a new radio and $79 lower than it’s being sold for on Eton’s website.

I’m grabbing one of these (grabbed!) because I am guessing this might be an introductory price since this is such a new radio.

Click here to view on (affiliate link supports the SWLing Post at no cost to you).

Wow!  That is an excellent price.  Thank you for keeping us in mind when you find these deals, Christian!  Perhaps you’ll consider sending us your review of this latest receiver from Eton?

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27 thoughts on “Radio Deal: The new Eton Elite Executive for $100 shipped and free returns

  1. JD

    The poor sound quality and soft muting of the Eton Elite Executive pushed me to buy the Tecsun PL880, a much superior radio.

  2. Troy Riedel

    You all need to load the Extension Keepa 🙂 I’ve mentioned it before here.

    It is still $100 – yes the page indicates $149.99 – but if you click on the buying options, Amazon Prime still lists it for $100. However, the projected delivery is AFTER Christmas. Amazon does have current delivery at the $149.99 price, but the $100 option is still valid.

    Anyway, when I first opened the page I thought the same thing – the price had increased – but when I looked at the Keepa Extension (its price history) it still indicated $100. That prompted me to click on the buying options and indeed the $100 price is still valid (though like I said, delayed delivery).

    If you look closely you’ll see that Amazon has current stock with ETON CORP as the seller … if you look for as the seller, they are out of stock and project delivery after Christmas.



    One last thing – you can set-up price alerts for Amazon New, Marketplace, and Used via Keepa … input a target price and set-up notifications (I believe: email, alert via Browser, FB Messenger) and once the item – ANY Amazon item – hits that price (or lower!) you’ll be notified and you can score that deal. There is a separate notification for “Lightning Deals” – those limited (4-hour?) sales or until the number of units allotted at that “sale” price are sold/expended. So with Keepa, you get price history (for the entire time it’s been listed on Amazon) and you get pricing alerts. Since I loaded this, I no longer complain that I missed a deal of something I was watching.

    I’ve even been able to estimate price patterns for lightning deals on a couple of items – when I see a trend for several months that every x-number of days Amazon has cut a price, I’m on the lookout. It doesn’t always work, but I have scored at least two items because I was within a day or two of guessing a price decrease so I was on the lookout. But I’ve also been wrong because the pattern changed 🙂

  3. Jerry V Di Trolio

    I hopeGrundig will be up and running manufacturing Shortwave radios again,there radios were legendary,since 1947 some of your iconic,memorable Shortwave radios ever.

    1. JD

      Not the same company as the old Grundig. This radio is made by Eton. Eton Corporation is an American company established in 1986 and is based in Palo Alto, California. Formerly known as Lextronics, it produces Chinese-made shortwave and emergency radios sold in retail stores and online. It also sells Grundig-branded radios in North America and Europe.

    1. Guy

      I still see it right now at $100, with a mention of “LIMITED TIME DEAL”. I’ve refreshed my browser so I know it’s current. I searched on the name of the radio in the Amazon search bar, not via the link.

      1. DanH

        Yes indeed. I followed your suggestion and found the $100 deal. I paid US $114 for my new Eton Grundig Edition Satellit two years ago on eBay (same radio as the Elite Executive but with different cosmetics).

  4. Guy

    I bought one when it was $129 on Amazon a few weeks ago, but returned it in a few days. The main tuning knob kept getting harder & harder to push for the alternate functions (such as stop-fast-slow tuning steps). I was concerned the encoder inside the Elite Executive was about to fail. I’ve read of others with this problem on the radio’s predecessor.

    One thing I don’t care for on the Eton Elite (and the nearly identical Satellit model) is the similarity between the 3 kHz and 4 kHz bandwidths. I think it’s the result of the poor shape factors on these simple DSP filters. In contrast, the narrow and wide bandwidths of the Sangean ATS-909X are sharp and clearly defined, offering better -6 dB skirt selectivity. Still, at $100, the Elite Executive is a great value.

    1. Mike S

      Over a couple of months I returned **two** consecutive samples of the Executive because of quality issues. Unexplained pervasive noise on one sample, and a dead keypad key on the other.

  5. DanH

    Other than cosmetics this radio is probably identical to the Eton Executive Satellit and the Eton Grundig Edition Satellit that preceded it. If so, the radio is a very good choice at the US $100 mark. This Eton offers many features for the money. Handles external wire antennas very well. Primary drawbacks: rather tinny speaker sound from a radio of this size, lightweight build quality, slow built-in battery charger, noticeable muting while tuning MW and SW.

    1. Troy Riedel

      I’ve read, via two reliable reviewers online, that the only change is the color – all other aspects of this Elite unit are identical including features & performance.

  6. Rob

    According to Radio Jay Allen, the new Eton Elite series of portables are internally identical to the previous silver colored models. Nonetheless, $100 is a great price for any new Executive Satellit. I love mine!

  7. Timothy Buchanan

    After reading this, I went to Amazon. I first added it to the cart, then read the specs and reviews. When I refreshed the page, the price had jumped to $149. That was close!


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