Video: “Tribute to a Century of Broadcasting”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill (WD9EQD), who writes:

You probably have already seen this, but from The ARRL Letter, November 21, 2019:

Art Donahue, W1AWX, of Franklin, Massachusetts, has posted his “Tribute to a Century of Broadcasting” video in recognition of the centennial of formal radio broadcasts. The video features a complete scan of the AM broadcast band (530 – 1700 kHz), with station IDs for all 118 AM radio channels.

Following is ARRL Link:

Radio Amateur’s “Tribute to a Century of Broadcasting” Video Debuts on YouTube

Following is YouTube link to the video:

It was a lot of fun to watch the video, hear the on-air id checks, and compare what he heard to the list of stations that I have heard.

Thanks for sharing this, Bill–I missed reading about this in the newsletter.  This goes to show you that the AM dial is chock-full of stations here in North America. Those who complain that it’s “dead” simply aren’t listening.

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2 thoughts on “Video: “Tribute to a Century of Broadcasting”

  1. Victor

    It could be worse, Chris. For example, as in Russia. Where new owners of the country just off all AM broadcasts. This is truly a disaster.
    And what is left on FM cannot even be compared with what was in the USSR. Pathetic squalor.
    However, a whole generation grew up on this s***, and almost no one remembers what real high-quality and highly artistic broadcasting is.

  2. Chris

    A bit lengthy and the big boner was for AM 650. That check SHOULD have been WSM Nashville . Also it would have been cool if it would have had more legacy airchecks. The mere mention of IHeart radio and a few other corporate entities that ruined radio from what it was to what it is not…aka a bunch of fm translators and the AM side tied to it as a tagalong really sickens me . I am an operations manager of a radio station and the suits at these corporate entities have no clue of how real radio should be. So my opinion is that this video is hardly a Tribute to radio at all…it’s a stark reminder of what it has become.. Sad


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