Alex updates shortwave frequency charts for 2020 summer season

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Alex, who has just informed me that he’s updated his printer-friendly shortwave frequency charts for the summer broadcasting season.

Note that Alex creates his charts based on listening to broadcasters rather than importing schedules from other sources.

You can download the free charts on his website:

Many thanks for sharing these, Alex!

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2 thoughts on “Alex updates shortwave frequency charts for 2020 summer season

  1. James Patterson

    Many thanks to Alex for your SW charts.Unfortunitly down under here in New Zealand,in the Sth Pacific,we are fast entering Winter season.As well as winter,we have had very bad probagation all year and as far back as I can remember.All the SW stations you have charted,I simply dont receive any.It has put a huge dampener on my DX/SW listening that has been one of my keen hobbies for many years.I remember 10 years ago,just a short wire hanging out a window of my house was all I needed to receive so many stations.Those days are long gone,even with my 100 ft Diapole antenna that I built for Ham radio,that too has deadened over here.With the Covid 19,I would have liked to keep intouch with countries arround the world to see how they are.Its a struggle to receive anything now.Australia has cut it’s SW station to the pacific,and hams are heard in the distance only.Times have become very hard with radio.

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