Radio Deal: Talking House AM transmitters $25 each

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mario Filippi (N2HUN), who shares a find in the online swapmeet: Talking House Broadcasters.

If you’re not aware, Talking House Broadcasters are AM transmitters that were designed to be used by real estate agents so that potential customers could drive by a house on the market, tune their car’s AM radio to a specific frequency, and listen to a pre-recorded message.

I’ve also been to ARRL Field Day sites where a Talking House Broadcaster was used to relay information about the Field Day activities to visitors.

Of course, I would use one of these to broadcast my own music and Internet radio streams throughout my house. If I didn’t already have an SSTRAN AMT3000, I would snap one of these up in a heartbeat!

The AM output power is FCC Part 15 compliant, but with a good antenna/ground, you might be surprised at the signal’s footprint!

The seller currently has three working units he’s priced at $25/each or $50 for all three.  Even as used units, this is a fantastic deal!

Click here to check out the ad on

Assume if the link above is broken or missing, the items are all sold. Thanks again for the tip, Mario!

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5 thoughts on “Radio Deal: Talking House AM transmitters $25 each

  1. Linda Labas

    I have five “talking house” radio broadcaster machines. Two are still in the boxes and 3 of them have only been used 1 or 2 times. I will be happy to sell all 5 machines for $100 + shipping costs.

  2. Mario

    Another satisfied customer here on! Glad to hear you got those three, the price was very low.

    For those long in the tooth, remember those ads in magazines and comic books for becoming a home broadcaster? There were a number of gadgets for juvenile DJ wannabes and fledgling announcers for broadcasting via a cheap xmitter to your home radios.

    One that was advertised on TV was Remco’s Caravelle which was a radio and AM band transmitter. My friend got one and despite a warning label forbidding use of a long antenna, we hooked it up to a long wire across a clothes line resulting in better range. One of the kids in our group was “stationed” by the curb to watch out for FCC monitoring vehicles hi hi.


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