Can you help Carlos ID this station on 530 kHz?

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Carlos Latuff, who recently shared a video clip of a Spanish language station he received in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Carlos is curious if it could possibly be Rádio Rebelde in Cuba. He said he received this station early in the morning (local) on Sunday, April 26:

If you can help Carlos ID this station, please comment!

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3 thoughts on “Can you help Carlos ID this station on 530 kHz?

  1. Tom Servo

    It certainly sounds like it could be Rebelde, but I’m surprised 1 kW would make it that far when there’s also Radio Enciclopedia on the same frequency, running 10 kW. That and CIAO from Canada are what I hear on 530 every night in the US.

    1. Carlos Latuff

      Hey Tom, thank you for your feedback.
      I just confirmed that this is not Radio Rebelde, but a radio station from Argentina (Somos Radio 530 kHz AM) retransmitting Radio Rebelde. It happened in the same day (Sunday) the similar hour (06h42 local time). I confirmed that listening now to both 530 kHz on my radio set and Somos Radio live streaming on Internet.
      Yes, I’ve been fooled. 🙁

      1. Carlos Latuff

        In fact, Somos Radio is not retransmitting the live broadcasting from Radio Rebelde but past programs, it’s probably a weekly program in Somos Radio schedule devoted to Cuba.


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