Al’s 1967 Radio Denmark QSL

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Al Holt, who shared the following QSL and note on Twitter:

The posting about WRM and its originating from Denmark got me thinking about my early days SWLing and the wonderful QSL card I got from R. Denmark.

I hope to tune WRM on 19m soon!

Thank you for sharing this, Al!  That particular Radio Denmark QSL cards is one of my all-time favorites. I never received one myself, but I’ve always been fond of maps like this that highlight regional attractions/specialties.

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3 thoughts on “Al’s 1967 Radio Denmark QSL

  1. Bob LaRose W6ACU

    Fond memories. It was my very first QSL card as an SWL for reception in January 1960. My parents gave me the best Christmas present ever the month before – a Hallicrafters S-107 receiver. That started my hobby and my eventually my whole career. Also coincidentally, I went to live and work in Denmark in 1972 for two years.

  2. Richard Langley

    I have one of those, too, from February 1966. Definitely one of the best map-themed QSL cards. I went through my QSL card collection (mostly from my youth) and was going to list all of my map-themed cards but there are just too many of them — over 30 including Radiodifusion Argentina al Exterior, several from the Australian Broadcasting Commission, one from Radio Belize in the style of the Radio Denmark card, the classic VOA card with the star-shaped map, Radio New Zealand, HCJB, and Deutsche Welle. CBC Radio-Canada (later Radio Canada International) cards frequently featured a map of Canada showing studio and transmitter locations. One of the nicer cards I have showing a map is the oversized card from Radio Portugal, “The Voice of the West,” showing a world map surrounded by the words “Portugal – The country that has contributed most to geographic knowledge of the globe. In the course of one century she discovered and explored nearly two-thirds of the inhabited globe.”


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