Bluetooth adapter that also serves as a Belka stand

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Joe Patti (KD2QBK), who writes:

Not sure anyone would be interested, but in using a Bluetooth adapter with my Belka I inadvertently came up with a little stand for it.

I attached the adapter to the back of the radio with a piece of plastic 3M Command picture hanger strip. It props up the little radio at exactly the right angle.

Love the blog!

Thank you, Joe! Looks like this is the Bluetooth adapter you’re using. What a clever way to have your Bluetooth adapter do double duty! Also, I’m so glad you enjoy the Post!  Thanks for sharing your tip!

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3 thoughts on “Bluetooth adapter that also serves as a Belka stand

  1. Guy Atkins

    It’s good to hear this Bluetooth adapter is working well for you, Joe! I tried the same Taotronics device with my original Belka DSP when it first arrived. All reception was marred by digital RFI and noises from the Bluetooth circuitry, making most signals unlistenable.

  2. Bill (WD9EQD)

    I’ve been using the same adapter with my Tecsun PL-880. It works great
    and frees me up to walk/move around without headphone wires getting
    in the way.

    TaoTronics also makes some nice noise-canceling over the ears headphones
    at reasonable prices. Amazon has them on sale at good prices every so often.
    The pair I have does a great job of canceling ambient low rumble noises.
    I can go to the laundromat, put the headphones on, switch in the noise cancelling
    and all the low rumbles of the washing/driers motors just disappear.

    I’m sure they don’t compare to the more expensive Sony and other high-end
    ones, but they are hard to beat for the price. Very comfortable to wear also.

    Smithville, NJ


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