Studio Recording of the KMTS Winter Test Transmission on December 17, 2020

If you missed the KMTS (or is that KTMS?) test broadcast on the 17th of December 2020, you’re in luck. I’ve just discovered a studio recording of the entire broadcast on Soundcloud, via a Post reader tip.

I’ve embedded a Soundcloud audio player below, but you can also listen via Soundcloud:

I’ll admit that this broadcast had a lot of listeners scratching their heads–a bit of a mystery. Reminded me, to some degree, of the Boards Of Canada pirate radio broadcasts some years ago, and the mystery surrounding a BoC album release. Also reminded me on one of my all-time favorite pirate radio stations: Radio Strange Outpost. But, of course, this wasn’t a pirate station.

I know this: I absolutely LOVE the KMTS test broadcast! What fun! Kudos to the producer (or producers)! I’ll add this to the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive. If anyone was able to make a full off-air recording of the broadcast, please contact me and I’ll add that along with the studio recording.

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4 thoughts on “Studio Recording of the KMTS Winter Test Transmission on December 17, 2020

  1. Fastburstradio23

    Just a heads up…

    The KMTS Winter test broadcast will be repeated on 6070kHz, Friday January 1 1900 UTC.

    And KTMS will also return with our Country & Western transmission on:
    Saturday January 9 at 2000 UTC / 8 pm EST
    (Sunday January 10 @ 01:00 UTC)
    via 7780 kHz to North America & Europe.

    So put your dancing boots on!

  2. Dmitry

    I listened to the last 15 minutes of the program in Russia. There’s a video recording. Did the station announce any email address? I sent a report to Channel 292 and asked them to forward my report to the station.

  3. Richard Langley

    I don’t believe the transmission was heard in North America based on reports I have read and my own attempted recording. Best reception seems to have been in Finland.

    — Richard Langley


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