The Music Time in Africa Archive at the University of Michigan

(Source: Music Time in Africa Archive)

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Zack Schindler (N8FNR), who writes:

If anyone wants to listen to archives of VOA’s Music Time in Africa many are now available. I received this email from the archivist at the University of Michigan

“At the present time we have roughly 600 shows online here:

Click on the “Listen” link to get to the streaming platform. The shows we have up now are those for which we also have printed scripts, so you can read the script and listen to the show. The dates of the shows are 1968 to 1998. There are five hosts represented in this group. Sometime in January 2021, we are planning to upload 109 more shows. These are the ones that are missing scripts so all that is there is the full show. Then, in February, we are planning to add about 400 more shows from the period between 2007 and 2017. These are programs where Matthew Lavoie or Heather Maxwell are hosts. The website contains some background information on the project.”

Here is more information about the archive project;

Wow! What a treasure trove of one of my favorite VOA programs! Thank you for sharing, Zack!

Click here to check out archived episodes of VOA’s Music Time in Africa.

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3 thoughts on “The Music Time in Africa Archive at the University of Michigan

  1. Zack Schindler

    I found that a lot of them don’t open and get an error. I wrote to the the archivist and sent him a shot of the error. Also the site is not HTTPS and I told him to have his IT folks correct this.

  2. Tom

    Thanks for posting this Thomas. It brought back a lot of good memories of listening to Afro pop on the many African stations broadcasting 40 yrs. ago. Clicking through the site I found King Sunny Ade, one of my favorites. I’ve got few of his cassettes buried somewhere in my world music collection.


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