Video: Nick compares the new Tecsun PL-368 with other portables

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Nick Booras, who writes:

Hi Thomas

I posted a video of this radio compared to a couple other popular radios. Thought your viewers might be interested. This 368 is a significant improvement over the 360 and 365.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Nick! People who love the form factor of the PL-360 and PL-365, should appreciate the new Tecsun PL-368. Thank you again!

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2 thoughts on “Video: Nick compares the new Tecsun PL-368 with other portables

  1. Mike C.

    I have the CountyComm GP-5 SSB (gen 3) and have enjoyed the heck out of it for a long time, but one real drag is the lack of that numerical keypad; there are a few tricks to somewhat mitigate the pain of bandscanning on the GP-5/PL365/PL360 but those tricks are still a compromise… and repeatedly swiping that tuning wheel gets wearying. So I LOVE this one having a real numerical keypad! That alone is worth a look for me. I will wait until an export version is available but I will definitely try it.

    And I agree with the previous review — soft muting is really quite unpleasant. It’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me but I don’t think it was EVER a very good idea; certainly as a manufacturing trend it has been annoying and puzzling to me, and in my opinion has it long outlived any usefulness designers might once have somehow believed it had… and now it needs to simply go away. On a number of Tecsun radios it can be disabled, but it just makes zero sense for shortwave receivers from the start, and I look forward to the demise of that bug-not-a-feature.

    Still, I am looking forward much more to trying out the PL368!


  2. Mike

    One wonders when Tecsun will disable, or at least give us an option to disable, soft mute. Hearing WWCR pop in and out makes for an experience that is really quite unpleasant.

    From the videos that I have seen the PL-330 suffers from the same problem while the PL-990 seems to either have a very gentle or nonexistent soft mute.


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