Paul Walker featured as a DXer and broadcaster on ABC Newcastle

Our friend and contributor here on the SWLing Post and the Shortwave Radio Audio Archive, Paul Walker, has been interviewed and featured on the ABC Newcastle program Drive with Paul Turton. It’s a great segment! (Congrats, Paul!)

I’ve embedded the audio from this segment below, but you can also listen via the ABC Newcastle website:

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8 thoughts on “Paul Walker featured as a DXer and broadcaster on ABC Newcastle

  1. Mangosman

    For those interested in DX , lists all broadcasters in Australia.
    4QD 1548 kHz AM, equal power in all direction totaling 50 kW CMF 2780 V indicates the efficiency of the antenna (137 m high) and including the transmitter power. BAI Communications Site Gregory Hwy 7km N of EMERALD 23 27 34S 148 8 57E
    2NC Newcastle 1333 kHz AM equal power in all direction totaling 10 kW CMF 1300 V indicates the efficiency of the antenna (91 m high) and including the transmitter power BAI Communications Site 2 Lawson Ave WOODBERRY 32 47 60S 151 39 45E

  2. NT

    Very enjoyable interview, Paul! Impressive results from your portable set-up, too. Thanks, Thomas, for posting.

  3. 13dka

    1. That’s the second time I get jealous today, 2 articles in a row. 🙂 12,000km across the Pacific on MW, holy cheeks, Batman!

    2. Extra FYBO points! I wonder what literally cool equipment you used to pick that up?

    3. Wonderful interview! That really was an opportunity that had to be taken, from one small community station to the other. Impressive to learn how you run a 1.5-man show out there, Paul.

    I really like how all these news and little tidbits of information about how we play radio come together here and give the somewhat lonely little radio hobby a whole new dimension.

    1. Paul Walker


      thankfully the people before me have a built a really great foundation and set o’ bones….. automation usually runs well, i just have to do minor tweaks/addition and work on community involvement, engagement and local content. I have an engineer 230 miles away whos on call/retainer that I can call for help.

      I used a CC Skywave and a DeBock 5″ FSL Antenna to hear this!


  4. Paul Walker

    This happened all because I’d heard their 10kw 2NC 1233khz Transmitter here in Alaska and sent them a quick facebook message then they asked if I’d wanna do a quick pre-recorded interview.

    1. Thomas Post author

      You did a great job explaining your love of DXing and I think it was brilliant you connect one community station with another–even more remote–one!

      1. Paul Walker


        Thanks.. thats why I mentioned near the end, equating what I do in a way to what the ABC does over there, so listeners even if they dont understand or care, get a very basic idea of what I do.



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