Radio Northern Europe International Show #15

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Roseanna, with Radio Northern Europe International who shares the following announcement:

Hei alle,

We have put together a packed show for March for all the wonderful RNEI listeners ?

We’ve got lots of extras including:

 Folk listening on-demand ? and on WRMI ? will get to hear a pretty piece of music from the game Unravel TWO along with a Feature from our new guest presenter, Stephen who also presents 16 Gwendoline Street on 9510KHz, 12:30UTC Sundays!

 Listeners tuned to Channel 292 or Radio Onda ? will get to hear another instalment of This is an Express Music Show featuring fantastic music and some MFSK 64 data!

 For those listening on shortwave ?: HamDRM data at the end of the show (292 & Onda) / hour(WRMI) & Comb Stereo encoding allowing a stereo version of the show to be heard over shortwave with a simple plugin, no special equipment needed! (

 For everyone: Some MFSK 64 data and fantastic show presented by me with music like:
 A haunting song from iris ?.
 Some cute Finnish ?? music.
 An Icelandic ?? bop.
 A massive Sea Shanty ?.
 Some pretty video game ? music.

Coverage Predictions

This is the last of the Winter times, Our summer schedule will be announced soon ?

You can find our full up to date frequency schedule here: (

Can’t tune into a radio or just want the music without the extras? We also have Spotify Playlists of all of our broadcasts available here: RNEI Spotify Profle with the latest show being added a few days after broadcasting!

Wishing you all the best for this month and look forward to hearing from you again,

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