Four frequencies will be used for the 2021 BBC Midwinter Broadcast

Many thanks to Richard Hollingham with Boffin Media, who writes:

Hi – I’m (proudly) the Executive Producer of the Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast. It’s made by Boffin Media for the BBC….I’m about to deliver this year’s edition.

In terms of the broadcast itself, following the test on Monday, the BBC’s decided to transmit on all four of the frequencies [noted here] this year.

Because it’s a unique broadcast, the SW version is 30 minutes long whereas the global version is 26′ 29″ (to fit the standard World Service half hour, following the news bulletin). The SW version also has a different introduction as it’s aimed just at our audience of 35 in Antarctica.

Fascinating! Thank you for sharing this, Richard. We’ll be listening!

As a reminder, here are the frequencies courtesy of Richard Langley:

  • 6035 kHz from Dhabbaya
  • 6170 kHz from Ascension
  • 7305 kHz from Woofferton
  • 9505 kHz from Woofferton
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9 thoughts on “Four frequencies will be used for the 2021 BBC Midwinter Broadcast

    1. Alain Nonyme

      Yes, but at which TIME or TIMES is that 30 minute program broadcasted? 00:00 UTC? 13:30 UTC? 23:45 UTC? Some other time? Or several times in that 24 hour day?

      I won’t be listening on four frequency for 24 hours straight.


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