CC WiFi 3 firmware upgrade improves stability

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Mark, who writes:


I would like to think that owners of the CCWiFi3 are recipients of an early Christmas present!

Approximately 2000 EST during the evening of 16. November I turned on my CCWiFi3 and was alerted to the download of an update.

My CCWiFi3 is suffering a problem that might be called stuttering; parts of speech are repeated in quick succession three or four times. The problem can be lived with but when it happens as a normal course it becomes a serious annoyance.

After the update was installed the radio operated normally and I resumed listening to the broadcast. About 15 minutes into the broadcast I realized that stuttering had become absent.

I did an internet search regarding recent CCWiFi3 updates but found nothing.

I thought it prudent to wait before making an announcement. After many hours of listening I have come to the conclusion that the update solved my CCWiFi3 stuttering problem—I have not heard it again on any of the internet broadcasts I monitor.

I have already made a comment to Rob’s post: “Reciva Gateway not responding.” Perhaps your connections can provide further details of the problem and the update.

I want to thank whoever is responsible; have a nice Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.



Thanks so much for the tip, Mark! I have not had this issue with my CCWifi3, but admittedly my internet connection at home is so poor I’m used to hearing dropouts no matter the platform. I haven’t noticed the particular issue you describe, but I’m pleased to hear it’s been sorted out! Thanks for sharing this!

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4 thoughts on “CC WiFi 3 firmware upgrade improves stability

  1. TheZ

    It’s a bit scary how the CC radio just updates on it’s own & without warning. I am worried about the day when such an automatic update will brick the radio. I have had a close call or two with Windows 10, and since, I have disabled the auto updates…. I wish that selection can be added to the CCWIFI radio!

  2. Michael Kingery

    I have a Drake R 8 receiver and it is dead. Nothing lights up when powered on. Please anyone know of someone who can look at it and repair it?
    It’s like new beyond not working


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