DX Central’s MW Frequency Challenge: Week 8 Results and Week 9 Announcement

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor Loyd Van Horn at DX Central who shares the following announcement:

Another great week of loggings in our MW Frequency Challenge is in the rear view mirror, with week 8/1460 kHz closing out last night during our DX Central Live! livestream.

We now turn our attention to a new frequency for week 9: 550 kHz.

This will be a challenging frequency, as there are not as many stations here. There are opportunities though for both domestic and international DX, and US stations have a decent amount of space between them and a good smattering of 5kw stations to make this week one that should be a lot of fun!

We are already getting in some good logs from those that were on the livestream last night, be sure to get your logs in as well using the Google Form linked in the blog post, below.


Good luck to all!
Loyd Van Horn

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5 thoughts on “DX Central’s MW Frequency Challenge: Week 8 Results and Week 9 Announcement

  1. Mario

    If you receiver is slightly off and tunes just below the AM BC band you’ll hear the warbling tones of NAVTEX on 518 kHz and Canadian beacon YMW on 516 kHz. Radio Reloj from Havana can also be heard periodically on 570 kHz with time ticks and their CW id (“RR”) on the minute. I hear these on winter nights quite often with my RF-2200.

  2. Paul

    This sounds fun – I’ve not tried before – is it open to DXers anywhere or is it really just for US-based folks?

  3. Kurt Ettlinger

    Hallo their , i am new Here in your Community , but i am shorwave listener since years . I am startet with a shorwave Receiver Typ Grundig Satellite 600 ,when i was in Berlin from the early 1980.
    Then i Receive Station Like Kol israel to Radio Moscow , China Radio ,NHK Tokio ,voice of Korea and any more.
    To day i have Chance my Location to lower sacony and got with my new Receiver von sangean ,Station as they are ; from Asia to Europe , Radio Taiwan , China Radio international in varius frequencies. Here only a few of them; 6.100 kHz , 7.255 for CRi , 5.900 Radio Taiwan broadcasting in German , for exampel Radio Thailand in 7.475 from 18.30utc – 19.30
    This is only a tiny description about my current workload in shorwave.
    Finally i Wish you all many success in Radio listening
    Yours sincerely
    Kurt Ettlinger

    1. Alex Klauber

      Kurt, shortwave has changed dramatically from when I first began to listen. I too went away from shortwave for a while. I too remember the stations you mentioned. I’m sorry, but their gone.
      With the end of the Cold War, internet and internet, many stations signed off for good.
      The good news is there are still great stations to listen to. Music, news, sports from around the world are still there.
      I started to join groups, like this, and read logs. Try searching the internet for shortwave. I searched for HF frequencies, aircraft HF frequencies and so on.


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