eBay find: A Sony PRO-80 receiver, new in unopened box

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Robinson, who writes:

With still days to go before auction end, this Sony PRO-80 receiver is already above $700 U.S. This is new in unopened box, which explains the sharp price rise.

The seller notes that the unit up for auction has never been opened. The photos of the ICF-PRO80 interior in the auction come from one of their previous listings.

The PRO-80 was one of Sony’s technology showcase receivers, designed in the walkie talkie format. The radios are almost never seen NIB, but aging capacitors often cause audio problems and the tops mounted potentiometers often need cleaning or replacing.

I fully expect this PRO-80 to top $1,000 but the auction winner will have to be prepared for some refurbishing.


Thank you, Dan! I always wanted an ICF-PRO80, but could never afford one back in the day. You’ve got a great point that the winner of this bid may have to re-cap it almost immediately. They’ll need Vlado on speed dial!  It will be interesting to see the price this auction fetches.

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7 thoughts on “eBay find: A Sony PRO-80 receiver, new in unopened box

  1. Barry Bogart, VE7VIE

    I have one as well. Mine has very low volume out which I ascribe to a cap problem. At one point Kiwa had a recapping kit for it, which I should have taken advantage of when he was in Yakima.

  2. Mike Westfall N6KUY

    I don’t think I’d be refurbishing it were I to spend so much money on a NIB collector’s item. It would stay in the box and handled as little as possible.

    If I wanted something I was actually going to use, I’d buy a used one to refurbish.

  3. Lou Janicek

    Interesting. I have a Pro 80 that I received as a gift many years ago … but as you mentioned the caps died over time and now it won’t turn on. Was a great little radio. Thinking now to either get a quote from Vlado or sell as is.
    Thanks for the heads up!

    [email protected]

  4. John

    I owned one of those “back in the day”, sold it though to finance the purchase of a Sony ICF-SW07 if memory serves correctly, which I still have (and will be hanging on to).


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