Worldwide Listening Guide 10th Edition now available on Amazon!

I’m pleased to report that John Figliozzi’s latest Worldwide Listening Guide (10th Edition) is finally on!

Click here to check it out on (note: SWLing Post affiliate link).

Click here to read about the latest WWLG!

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1 thought on “Worldwide Listening Guide 10th Edition now available on Amazon!

  1. Marty

    Received mine from Amazon today. Looks good and I can’t wait to dig into it to see what’s new from the last edition.

    Does anyone know if there is a place to view past copies, at least the covers? I have the following editions: 5 and 7-10. I’m interested to see what the earlier editions looked like but I’m coming up short on Ebay, Amazon, GoodReads, a few online used book sellers, and Google in general.

    With The Passport to World Band Radio and WRTH now defunct it’s good that we still have another publication to look forward to.


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