Antiques Roadshow Radio and “The changing sound of radio”

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Pete Madtone, who writes:

[L]ast night while I was having my dinner, a lovely Marconi crystal set came on Antiques Roadshow that a chap had rescued from a skip!  In the end it was valued for £1000-£1500. A sort of radio you’d love in a museum cabinet at home.

Nice pics of radio in that time too in the little piece.

Click here to watch on iPlayer.

[Also,] I just got a recommendation about a wonderful series on the BBC called The changing sound of radio with Chris Watson (wildlife sound recordist and original member of Cabaret Voltaire). The first one is all about recording natural sounds which is wonderful but episode 2 has shortwave radio, binaural sound and tape loops in music. It is very very interesting!

Click here to check it out on BBC Sounds.

Thank you so much for these tips, Pete!

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2 thoughts on “Antiques Roadshow Radio and “The changing sound of radio”

  1. Joe Patti kd2qbk

    Yup. iPlayer no good outside of UK. Luckily, the second subject in the post (“Changing Sound”) is available in the US…

  2. adi

    I was hooked on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow when it was available here in Israel but no more for many years.
    iplayer link is geo-block so no good.
    Personally, I like better the sets that came in the 30’s onward.


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