Wlodek Shares an Air Raid-Prompted Radio Comparison

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor and friend, Wlodek (US7IGN), who writes from Kiev:


Because of another air raid alert, I can’t sleep and I decided to make a small comparison of the receivers of the 60s and the modern one.

Of course, you can not compare their size and weight, as well as some features.

This Chinese XHDATA D-808 was given to me by a friend for comparison. When he was just choosing a good receiver, I advised him to buy an old Sony 7600 series or Panasonic B65, for example. But he decided that modern technology is better at handling the task of receiving. But it turned out to be not so clear:

Click here to view on YouTube.


73 de US7IGN!

Thank you for sharing this, Wlod. I wish the circumstances for the radio comparison were better–even though I know air raids have sadly become a fact of life for many in Ukraine, I can’t imagine sleeping through them. 

Your short comparison is interesting too. I consider the D-808 to be an excellent little DSP portable, but the audio simply can’t compare with your vintage radios. Indeed, the vintage receivers seem to handle the QRM a bit better than the D-808 as well.

Thank you for sharing this and wishing you the very best, OM.

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4 thoughts on “Wlodek Shares an Air Raid-Prompted Radio Comparison

  1. Mike C. N0TLD

    I like the sound of that Hitachi, pretty full for its size. Actually, each of those receivers is worthy and reliable, but as you rightly point out, things aren’t always quite so clear. Various factors can cause an older, simpler (or less feature-filled) model to give you a much better listening experience than a newer, ‘better’ model… and then flip right around for a different signal or time of day, etc.. I imagine we’ve all experienced that surprise, a time or two.

    More importantly, though, I thank you for taking the time to put this video together. Lord knows *I* wouldn’t be sleeping either, in that difficult and anxious situation — and I can only imagine what daily, nightly life must be like for you these days. I always enjoy your posts and comments on the radio forums, and I sincerely wish and pray for safety and peace for you, your loved ones and your country.

  2. James Tedford

    Wow. Almost all of us who read SWLing Post are radio hobby fans who listen or do ham radio for pleasure. We live in comfortable countries not torn up by war. This guy listens and compares radios for news to save his and his family’s lives.

    We safe folks need to acknowledge how blessed we are.

  3. Kris Partridge

    Interesting that the 1960’s Philips L4X39T’s dial is for the UK market,
    ‘Home’ was the BBC Home service, now BBC Radio 4.
    ‘Third’ was the BBC Third programme, now BBC Radio 3
    ‘Light’ was the BBC Light programme, now BBC Radio 2
    This radio was manufactured by Philips France, there were 2 versions, L4F39T for the French market and this L4X39T for the export market. Not sure if other ‘export’ dials, German, Dutch etc.
    The question is how, just how, did this radio end up in Kyiv ..?
    Now that would be some interesting history..!

    1. US7IGN

      Thank you Kris for information!
      That Philips is really amazing!
      I bought it on local vintage auction and seller just send me it without history.


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