HAARP Ghosts in the Air Glow Transmission October 23-26, 2022

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributors Richard and Heath who share the following message from Amanda Dawn Christie:


I am happy to announce that Amanda Dawn Christie’s next Ghosts in the Air Glow transmissions at HAARP will take place between October 23–October 26, 2022! You will find times and frequencies listed on her new project website here; more information is available in the attached press release.

On that new website, you can search through past transmission reception reports and submit a new report. If you’re able to tune in this October, please submit your reception report through the website and not via email.

Click here to download the PDF announcement with full details.

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One thought on “HAARP Ghosts in the Air Glow Transmission October 23-26, 2022

  1. Bill Hemphill

    Thanks for the heads up on this broadcast. I’ll definitely try to catch some of the transmissions.
    I see that Amanda has set up Live YouTube Channels for each of the transmission days. Not sure what the live feed will be sending but probably worth checking it out also. Just do a YouTube Search for “Amanda Dawn Christie” and the Live Channel placeholders show show up for each day.

    Bill WD9EQD
    Smithville, NJ


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