Video: Giuseppe tests four classic receivers on three different antennas

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Giuseppe Morlè (IZ0GZW), who shares the following:

Dear Thomas and Friends of SWLing Post,

This is Giuseppe Morlè from Formia, central Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

I want to share with you this test with 4 old receivers with 3 different antennas:

    • Yaesu FRG-7
    • AOR 3030 – MINI WHIP antenna on the roof
    • Kenwood R-1000INTERNAL CROSSED LOOP antenna
    • Yaesu FRG-8800 – VERTICAL NAVAL

I tuned the 7,390 kHz frequency of Radio New Zealand at 14:10 UTC on November 16 on the 4 receivers. I used the narrow and wide filter on each receiver.

I state that a storm was in progress in the area, the afternoon signal was very discontinuous with a difference on the 3 different antennas.

Surprising the result of the internal cross loops which I use a lot when there are thunderstorms in the area to listen to anyway; their behavior is definitely very good despite being inside my shack.

The Mini Whip is excellent on long and medium waves but gets worse above 7 MHz. In fact I only use this antenna for medium and long waves.

A good signal also from the external naval vertical of 8 meters with a “soft” listening on the Yaesu FRG-8800.

Judge dear friends your comments are welcome!

I wanted to compare these 4 “glories” that have accompanied most of my life and that I still consider excellent.

Attached the link tot he video on my Youtube channel:

Click here to view on YouTube.

I wish everyone a good listening …
73. Giuseppe Morlè iz0gzw.

Thank you so much for sharing this, Giuseppe! We love your videos and demonstrations especially since they so often involve antennas that you have home brewed. Your cross loop antenna is truly amazing!

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9 thoughts on “Video: Giuseppe tests four classic receivers on three different antennas

  1. Frank Cathell

    Thanks for the response Giuseppi and I forgot to say – great report in the last post. I have tried more receivers than I can count in the last 45 years, and the best SWL program listening receivers (in my opinion) have been the FRG-8800, Kenwood R-2000, Lowe HF-125, and (believe it or not) the Drake SSR-1. The FRG-7 was also a good one if you changed the “barn door” wide IF filter to a more narrow one.



    1. William

      Excellent, thank you for posting this, Giuseppe. I have the FRG-7, my second one in a 60 year SWL-Ham career, and love its abilities. I’ve peaked the alignment on it to try to get the best out of it. It is an outstanding receiver for its day and rivals everything else I have.

      To my ears, the R-1000 has the best intelligibility in your video.


      1. giuseppe morlè

        Thanks William,
        the FRG 8800 remains one of the best receivers of the past and still for a long time …
        amazing was receiving on the Kenwood R1000 with my internal cross loops in the shack …
        since I built them I have left them fixed on this receiver … I can listen even when there are lightning storms without problems …
        greetings from Italy.
        73. Giuseppe.

  2. Frank Cathell

    Having the ability to vary the IF selectivity and audio tone certainly improves the intelligibility of the signal. I would have to say in this experiment that the FRG-8800 seemed to have the most readable audio. All of these receivers have adequate sensitivity, but the ability to alter the IF and audio pass-bands really makes the difference. I have had all of these receivers at one time or another and the FRG-8800 has always been a favorite for AM signals. If these radios had been tested on an SSB signal under similar band conditions, I would venture to guess that the AOR would probably be the winner.


    Tucson, AZ

    1. giuseppe morlè

      Thanks for watching,
      I often use ssb when there are audio problems due to noise or other external causes … this time I left everything so to understand how the 3 antennas react on these old glories …
      73. Giuseppe iz0gzw.

  3. Julian Stargardt

    Grazie Mille Giuseppe!

    Delightful video putting these fine classic receivers through their paces.
    Enjoyed the glimpses inside your shack too.

    Thank you very much for posting this.



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