LRA 36 (Arcangel San Gabriel, Antarctica) Test Broadcast on February 18, 2023

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Adrian Korol, who shares the following announcement:


In full progress of the adjustment and improvement works in the audio chain of LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, test broadcasts are being carried out (even on USB) with excellent signal reports which helps us to continue working together with the valuable testimony of DXers, SWLs and radio amateurs. Special recognition to the technical team : Alejandro Petrecca, Alejnandro Alvarez and Juan Benavente.

We want invite you to tune us on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2023 between 20:00 and 23:00 UTC on 15476 khZ (USB). Reception reports: [email protected] WhatsApp messages +549 297 624 0137.

In the next week we will receive a transmitter of 1 kW modulated amplitude that has been calibrated for our new frequency at 15.475 KHZ. We will be announcing the test broadcasts of the new equipment in due course.

Likewise, once the improvements and survey of the complete audio and transmission system have been completed, a technical report will be carried out that will be taken into account for the acquisition during this year of a 10 KW transmitter equipment that will be destined for LRA36 to be put into service.

Likewise, the CCA 10 kw transmitter that was out of service has been completely disassembled, which will be transferred to the Radio Nacional transmission site in General Pacheco so that, once repaired, it will remain at the service of RAE Argentina al Mundo , thus recovering RAE’s shortwave output from our own transmission site, a possibility that will be realized thanks to RAE’s technical and human team and especially Jeff White, who, by strongly supporting RAE’s continuity in SW all these years via WRMI relay, it was really great argument for the authorities to understand that despite all the technological advances, shortwave is still necessary, and that a true public meda today must be able to be heard both on a Zenith Transoceanic, on a Sony ICF5900W , in a TECSUN, as in Radiogarden or in the latest radio app for iOS.

We´ll wait for all of you on Saturday 18 test broadcast from Antarctica from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Argentine time (8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. UTC) frequency 15476 khz USB

We await your reception reports and if you get good listening, register and upload those videos on YOUTUBE, IG or FB.

We appreciate sharing this information among radio listeners, DXers and radio amateurs around the world.

73 & DX

Adrian Korol, RAE Director

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14 thoughts on “LRA 36 (Arcangel San Gabriel, Antarctica) Test Broadcast on February 18, 2023

  1. Richard Langley

    Readable signal in New Brunswick, Canada, about 100 km inland from the Bay of Fundy on the Atlantic Ocean using the sensitive Belka-DX and just a 7-m longwire antenna.

  2. Mike Westfall N6KUY

    Broadcast was heard well here in central VA. seemed to be slightly off frequency at 15475.968
    I caught it starting at 2317 UTC, even though it supposed to be finished 2300.

    I made a short Youtube video of what I was hearing:

    RSPdx, 9’×30′ terminated “superloop”
    FM07su, Fluvanna County, VA

  3. Paul Turkk

    Received them in SW MI 2230 – 2338 OTA. Was very readable in the last 30 minutes. Used a RSPdx with a Wellbrook 1530. Waterfall clips sent to the email address.

    1. TomL

      RATS! I should have waited until past 23:00. Oh well, there is always next year when they get the bigger transmitter operational.

  4. Chuck Rippel

    Well, thus far, it’s been heard direct in Ontario, MN and VA. I mailed a reception report in Spanish and sent along a 2-minute audio clip. The signal peaked here from 2140 to 2205 (when I stopped listening). Have tried for this outlet a number of times and always came up empty-handed. So far, Gary and his Tecsun, IMHO really did well.

    I tried hearing them direct when Dan was copying VIA an off-site SDR and there was nothing. Started hearing pieces of audio about 2115 and could tell the gender of the announcer by 2130. When I started hearing music, I knew the catch was in the bag.

    Been an SWL 50 years’ish and there are only 2 other loggings which rank the same difficulty, IMHO. RRI Dili on 3306.8 and FIBS, Falkland Is. on 2370.0.

  5. Chuck Rippel

    Heard ’em here in VA, my location, my radio using a WinRadio Excalibur and an 80′ sloper fed at about the 90′ level of my tower. Audio was good enough to record.

    Now, to send them a clip of the audio and hope for a QSL!

    Chuck Rippel


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