Check out the new Lego Retro Radio!

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Dan Van Hoy, who shares a link to this blog regarding the new Lego Retro Radio:

LEGO’s buildable Retro Radio actually plays music thanks to a sound brick

Thank you, Dan! I’m mighty tempted to put in an order for this radio!

Lego also has a page with more information here:

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3 thoughts on “Check out the new Lego Retro Radio!

  1. Ray Robinson

    It looks like it requires a smart phone inside the case to operate. So, is this really an Internet radio?

  2. Steve

    It’s a toy, not a radio. And a waste of money. Unless you have a kid who wants to build with LEGO’s.

  3. Julian Stargardt

    Thank you for posting this Dan….

    I was excited to see this and thought “Finally, a Lego icon model I’d really like to have!”…. Until I realised that it only looks like a radio….

    No doubt someone somewhere will kit-bash it into a real radio – and that’s something I’d like

    Caveat Emptor:
    It only looks like a radio….
    It isn’t a radio


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