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Shortwave goes all chirpy chirpy, cheep cheep again

Hi SWLing post community and birdwatchers everywhere Fastradioburst23 here. Just to let you know if WRMI is on the air this Sunday (fingers crossed) after an encounter with yet another hurricame expect an additional programme of  WREN.

This week’s Imaginary Stations show on Sunday 13th November 2022 features our feathered friends again with lots of bird related classics and bird watching tips. Tune into 9395 kHz from 2300 utc onwards.

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Watch the birdie!

Hi all the SWLing post community from Fastradioburst23. Also a big hi goes out to all birdwatchers out there as the next programmme in the Imaginary Stations series is WREN featuring a transmission of a winged bias.

Expect music featuring our feathered friends and live streaming of birdsong on 9395 kHz from 2200 utc on Sunday 23rd October 2022 via WRMI. So get the bins on (birdwatcher parlance for binoculars), settle down in your favourite patch and tune in!

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