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New Franzis shortwave radio kit


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Franz Miller, who writes:

“I’ve pasted a link below to the webpage at Conrad in Germany for yet another Franzis radio kit; no idea how good it is, but it looks neato-retro to me.  Covers longwave, medium, shortwave VHF, & UHF, allegedly.  Price on Conrad’s website is around 69 Euros.”

Click here to view the new Franzis Radio Kit on Conrad’s website.

I truly appreciate the reminder, too, that I have a previous model Franzis kit somewhere in storage that I need to unearth and build! I assume this new Franzis model also has a cardboard chassis.

Update–Tomas adds the following comment:

Here is a link to the Franzis site where there are several pictures and also a two minute video demonstrating the kit.


Of course, for SW it only supports the 41-meter band.

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Cardboard Tube Radio Kit

While cruising Retro Thing, this cardboard tube radio kit caught my eye. It’s available for 49.95 EUR from Conrad International in Germany. I would have never thought about combining the warm character of vacuum tubes with a cardboard chassis. Still, one builder’s report is quite positive and assembly time is estimated at two hours.

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