New Franzis shortwave radio kit


Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Franz Miller, who writes:

“I’ve pasted a link below to the webpage at Conrad in Germany for yet another Franzis radio kit; no idea how good it is, but it looks neato-retro to me.  Covers longwave, medium, shortwave VHF, & UHF, allegedly.  Price on Conrad’s website is around 69 Euros.”

Click here to view the new Franzis Radio Kit on Conrad’s website.

I truly appreciate the reminder, too, that I have a previous model Franzis kit somewhere in storage that I need to unearth and build! I assume this new Franzis model also has a cardboard chassis.

Update–Tomas adds the following comment:

Here is a link to the Franzis site where there are several pictures and also a two minute video demonstrating the kit.

Of course, for SW it only supports the 41-meter band.

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5 thoughts on “New Franzis shortwave radio kit

  1. Rafman

    One of my readers noticed they will not ship to US or Canada?
    If this is true, that is very unfortunate.
    There is a growing thirst for nostalgic radios, especially kits…
    I would hope they would reconsider offering kits to both, since there are many who want them & would gladly pay shipping to get one!
    Afterall, success is driven by sales. Selling more kits is good, for success & for the pocketbook, to make more kits!?!


    1. Tomas

      Hehe, now you know how it is for many people in Europe trying to buy from American companies or sellers 🙂

      However, you can buy directly from Franzis instead of, they do ship worldwide and accept credit cards. You just have to brush up your german or use google translate.


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