Want to chat? Check out the new SWLing Post Chat Room!

ChatRoomSWLing Post reader, CJ, recently offered to host a chat room here on our site––quite a generous offering. I’d thought about implementing a radio-themed chat room in the past, but had to be realistic about it, as my schedule simply doesn’t allow for much chat room time. Still, I like the idea of real-time conversations.

With well over 2,000 daily unique visitors to the SWLing Post alone, there is certainly a strong community that may also appreciate the chance to chat with each other in real time. To that end, I have just published a new chat room page with CJ’s code. You’ll find the page in the tabs on the SWLing Post banner above, or by clicking here:


Let me know what you think, and if you enjoy having a chat room. In the beginning there may be very little activity, but if the chat room is truly engaging for our readers, we’ll continue to offer it!

Click here to visit our chat room

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4 thoughts on “Want to chat? Check out the new SWLing Post Chat Room!

  1. MDavey

    New to site (sort of ) and first time to interact with site. May be only time—after 10 yrs of loving my little Grundig G5, it finally croaked . Now looking for new radio, and everyone was very helpful and not a bit mean or snarky to me, an obvious permanent novice…. and…..a girl. 🙂 So…..regarding chat…..Thank you!

  2. Eric

    UDXF has a IRC based chat but they are more focused on Utility listening. It will be nice to have something station oriented too!


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