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Final episode of the final Maple Leaf Mailbag now online

On Facebook, Wojtek Gwiazda kindly shared the following message from Terry Haig (who has been subbing for Ian Jones on the MLMB):

Dear Friends,
I am distraught that the final edition of the MLMB did not go out properly this past weekend because of technical glitches. The show can be heard on line by clicking on the search button on the RCI website and writing in “Maple Leaf Mailbag.” Then hit “programs” and click “listen.”

My apologies that we could not spend our final hour together as planned. Once again, I thank you all for your undying love, support, insight, graciousness and generosity. You are wonderful and magical.

I shall never forget you. Be well, everyone. Au Revoir and peace!
Terry H.

To hear the programme just click here:

I should note that, the Maple Leaf Mailbag was one of my favorite RCI shows to catch on shortwave. It was informal, quirky, interactive and always fun. It also had a very strong international listenership. Terry has been an excellent sub, but admittedly, I’ve really missed hearing my good friend Ian Jones on the show.

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RCI’s “The Maple Leaf Mailbag” mentions the SWLing Post

You can’t imagine how honored we are that Ian Jones of Radio Canada International’s “The Maple Leaf Mailbag” (and the Rock’n Roadshow) mentioned our site on the MLMB!

Here at the SWLing Post we blog about an innovative technology that serves up a wide and wild varieties of voices, sounds, opinions and music–all streaming wirelessly, all over the world, all of the time, at the speed of light–you only have to listen.

Yes, Ian, you’re right. Shortwave is far from dead.

I’ve been a Radio Canada International listener since my earliest listening years. Their programming is truly top-notch. The Link gives a perspective on life in Canada, typically from the unique perspective of immigrants. The MLMB is a quirky, fun, creative, highly interactive, interview-and-music program, that is (to say the least) unpredictable. Ian and his crew put their hearts into the show, and this comes through in every episode.

Welcome, Maple Leaf Mailbag listeners!  And thanks, again, Ian!


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