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Bill’s NJARC swap meet deal and some tailgate photos

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Bill Hemphill (WD9EQD), who writes:

This morning (Saturday July 20), I went to the New Jersey Antique Radio Club (NJARC) Summer Swap Meet.

They typically hold three Swap Meets each year at various locations This time it was at the InfoAge Science

History Learning Center in Wall, NJ. The InfoAge Center has many exhibits including:

  • InfoAge Space Exploration Center
  • World War II Radar
  • Marconi Wireless Room
  • Radio and Television Museum
  • Vintage Computers
  • plus much more

Check out this link.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend a visit to it.

The Swap Meet was held outdoors and it was a hot humid morning – 80 degrees at 6 am with 90 percent humidity. By 9 am it was 90 degrees. But it was worth the hour trip.

I acquired one new radio – the Nova-Tech Pilot II Direction Finding 4 Band transistor radio. It’s in great condition and is working. It’s an interesting radio.

The four bands are Beacon (190-400 kHz), Broadcast (550-1600 kHz), Marine (1.6-4.5 MHz) and VHF (108-136 MHz).

There is a rotatable antenna on the top that is used to get your bearing. The top of the radio has the Bearing in degrees. It includes Squelch and DF Level controls; both can be switched off. The DF Level is the RF Gain and I read somewhere that when it is activated the AGC is switched off.

I was very fortunate in that the radio came with the three telescoping antennas – all in perfect condition. It also included the original AC Power Adapter.

All for only $25. A great bargain.

The radio seems very sensitive on the Broadcast Band.

I tuned it to my standard test weak station – WALK, 1370, in Patchogue, NY. This station is a 500 watt repeater station to WHLI, 1100 in Hamstead, NY. With most of my radios, I can barely hear a station in the noise. The exception is the Panasonic RF-2200 which can pick it up the best. The Pilot II could pick up a readable signal of WALK.

Very impressive.

Below are some photos of the radio.

Bill also included the following photos from the New Jersey Antique Radio Club (NJARC) swap meet:

Thanks for sharing this, Bill! No doubt, you snagged a fantastic deal on the Nova Tech Pilot II. My dear friend Michael Pool (who passed away earlier this year) acquired one and loved it. Here’s a link to his guest post about this cool DF receiver.

Thanks for sharing the photos and links to the NJARC swap meet. Looks like an event I’d certainly love to attend!

Post readers: Have you attended any swap meets recently?  Any good finds?  Please comment!

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Annual InfoAge Radio Electronics Auction, April 27th 2013

If you live near Wall, New Jersey and love antique radios, this is the auction for you. Proceeds benefit InfoAge, the Radio Technology Museum and National Broadcasters Hall of Fame. View the auction catalog by clicking here, full auction details below:

This beautiful BC-654-A is just one of the antique radios up for auction.

This beautiful BC-654-A is just one of the many antique radios on the auction block.

(Source: NJARC Press Release)


Saturday April 27, 2013

InfoAge Science History Learning Center and Museum
2201 Marconi Road
Wall, New Jersey 07719

Huge Radio/Electronics Auction Conducted By The
New Jersey Antique Radio Club and The Radio Technology Museum

All day sale of vintage radios, electronic test equipment, ham gear, audio equipment, marine radios, military electronics and 1000s of vacuum tubes along with related parts & documentation. Large variety of tubes in box lots, groups or singles; many interesting types. Better tubes are pretested.  300 + lots, including many large box lots. Something here for every radio/electronics collector.

Auction Begins at 10:00 AM on Saturday
Viewing is from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM Day of Sale

Sale of artifacts and donations excess to the centers needs. Proceeds to benefit InfoAge, Radio Technology Museum and National Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Auction is indoors with ample seating. Noted radio auctioneer Richard Estes will be wielding the auction gavel. Complete auction catalog available two weeks prior to sale. Terms are cash or good check, sorry, we cannot take credit cards. 5% buyers premium is charged.

Directions: http://www.infoage.org/visit#directions
Up-to-date Information: http://www.ar88.net/auction.html
Auction Contact: [email protected] or 908-757-9741

Thanks for the tip, Rich!

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