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RNW: Antenna repairs under way in Madagascar

(photo: RNW)

RNW Madagascar was hit by a tropical cyclone last week and incurred heavy damage. I’m very happy to read the report below that antenna repairs are under way:

(Source: RNW Media Network)

We have received some more photos from our colleagues in Madagascar, showing the damage to the antennas caused last week by Tropical Cyclone Giovanna, and repairs under way. The first photo shows the satellite dish that was used to receive BVN TV and the RNW audio channels from the satellite. The broken dish has been replaced by a backup. Damage to several of the antennas was similar to the one in the second photo. One has already been repaired. The third photo shows some repairs taking place on the ground to the feeder of the log periodic antenna.

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Recording the RNW Madagascar Relay station

RNW Madagascar (Photo courtesy of RNW)

Yesterday, after posting the article about the new transmitter at the RNW Madagascar relay station, I decided to hunt for the station on the bands.

It wasn’t much of a hunt, as RNW’s Madagascar signal was booming into North America on 11,655 kHz.

Below, you’ll find a 1:11 recording of the broadcast I heard, starting at about 18:45 UTC. [Note that at the point of recording, the program “Earthbeat” had only just concluded.]

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RNW posts photos of ABB transmitter at Madagascar relay station

(Source: Media Network Newsletter)

Media Network Newsletter
By Andy Sennitt
22 December 2011

Several people asked us if we had any photos of the first ABB transmitter to go into service at our Madagascar relay station. The transmitter, formerly used by Radio Sweden at the Hörby transmitter site, is in regular service in place of an old Philips transmitter following successful tests a few weeks ago. I have published some photos in the Weblog.


These photos are all © Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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