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Madagascar World Voice now broadcasting on shortwave


(Source: Radio World)

World Christian Broadcasting launched its second shortwave station, Madagascar World Voice, on Easter Sunday in late March.

The nonprofit organization is based near Nashville, Tenn. Station KNLS launched in 1983. 

President/CEO Charles H. Caudill announced the launch. “More than 10 years of planning and work have gone into making Madagascar World Voice a reality,” he said in a statement.

[…]WCB said the new Madagascar World Voice airs 13 hours daily in Arabic, African English, International English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish. The signals will reach Africa and the Middle East, and most of Europe and South America.[…]

Read the full article at Radio World online.

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Mike H, who shares the following Summer A-16 schedule for Madagascar World Voice:

MADAGASCAR   Summer A-16 of WWCB Madagascar World Voice
0100-0200 on  9665 MWV 100 kW / 040 deg to SoAs English
0200-0300 on  6190 MWV 100 kW / 250 deg to SoAm Spanish
0300-0400 on  6150 MWV 100 kW / 265 deg to SoAm Spanish
0400-0500 on  9480 MWV 100 kW / 295 deg to CeAf English
1800-1900 on  9570 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to EaEu Russian
1800-1900 on 17640 MWV 100 kW / 310 deg to CeAf English
1900-2000 on 11945 MWV 100 kW / 355 deg to N/ME Arabic
1900-2000 on 13710 MWV 100 kW / 340 deg to EaAf Arabic
2100-2200 on 11615 MWV 100 kW / 325 deg to WeEu Chinese
2200-2300 on  9455 MWV 100 kW / 055 deg to EaAs Chinese
2200-2300 on 11770 MWV 100 kW / 325 deg to NoAf Arabic
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RNW: Antenna repairs under way in Madagascar

(photo: RNW)

RNW Madagascar was hit by a tropical cyclone last week and incurred heavy damage. I’m very happy to read the report below that antenna repairs are under way:

(Source: RNW Media Network)

We have received some more photos from our colleagues in Madagascar, showing the damage to the antennas caused last week by Tropical Cyclone Giovanna, and repairs under way. The first photo shows the satellite dish that was used to receive BVN TV and the RNW audio channels from the satellite. The broken dish has been replaced by a backup. Damage to several of the antennas was similar to the one in the second photo. One has already been repaired. The third photo shows some repairs taking place on the ground to the feeder of the log periodic antenna.

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New shortwave radio station, Madagascar World Voice Radio, to begin testing this year

An update on the Madagascar World Voice Radio station via Glenn Hauser and the DX Listening Digest:

(Source: DX Listening Digest)

Gayle Crowe, the VP of Programming, World Christian Broadcasting [see our previous post] via DX Listening Digest: “The transmitters are sitting on the dock in Houston awaiting the ship that will take them to the west side of Madagascar. Best estimates are that the trip will take between 60 and 90 days. Once they make it through customs (which sometimes has been a lengthy, uncertain process) and are in place at the station, a technician will have to come from Continental Electronics to install them. Best case scenario for the beginning of testing is probably June 1.”

(Source: FinnDXer)

A new short wave radio wills start this spring or next summer in the Indian Ocean, “Madagascar World Voice Radio” broadcasting from Mahajanga on seven frequencies:
7355, 9565, 9585, 11870, 13630, 13635 and 13650 kHz.
Madagascar World Voice (MWV) is a member of World Christian Broadcasting Corporation (WCBC) in Nashville Tennessee (USA).

06H00-06H30 UT 7355
06H30-07H00 UT 9565
07H00-07H30 UT 11870
07H30-08H00 UT 13635
08H00-08H30 UT 9565
08H30-09H00 UT 11870
09H00-09H30 UT 13630
10H30-11H00 UT 9585
11H00-11H30 UT 11870
11H30-12H00 UT 13650
(Bernard Grondin via dxld)

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