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Sangean blames AM interference on power supply and government regulation

Sangean-AMFM-RadioAfter the Sangean WR-15 received low marks for AM reception in an Amazon review, Bob of Sangean America replied that poor reception is due to the radio’s switching power supply–a design that is federally mandated.

Many thanks to Jeff over at the Herculodge for posting this (click here to read the full response).

It’s a shame the WR-15 can’t accommodate internal batteries as battery operation this would solve the problem.

If I owned the WR-15, I would simply replace the switching type power supply with a regulated power supply.

Looking at the back of the WR-15 (below), it appears it requires 12 volts DC, 1.2 amps and an adapter with a positive center tip. Though I’m judging this only from the image, the plug looks to be a common size.WR-15-back I bet I have a power supply that would fit the bill in my junk drawer.

Bob, at Sangean America, claims moving the radio at least one foot from the power supply should help. In truth, I believe much of the noise may be conveyed by the power cord itself, though I may be wrong.

It’s a shame Sangean engineers couldn’t compensate somehow for the noisy power supply as it seems this radio was actually marketed to AM radio enthusiasts.

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Sangean WR-15: great looks, but poor performance?

Sangean-AMFM-RadioJeff, over at the Herculodge, writes with some disappointing news:

What a shame John bought the WR-15 and thinks it stinks: http://herculodge.typepad.com/herculodge/2015/04/john-cannot-recommend-the-sangean-wr-15-radio-due-to-subpar-am-and-fm.html

Oh, that is a shame. An AM/FM radio with poor AM/FM sensitivity has little appeal (even if it has a great chassis).

John (the reviewer) mentions what sounds like a squelching effect during tuning as well–when a strong signal is received, volume increases with the “lock.” Perhaps a sign this Sangean receiver is powered by a DSP chip and isn’t analog at all?

I expected something better from Sangean. At least the WR-15 is one thing I can safely pull off of my Amazon wish list!

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The new Sangean WR-15 AM/FM radio


Jeff over at the excellent Herculodg blog, is about to pull the trigger on this Sangean WR-15. I must admit, I’m mighty tempted, too–about as tempted as I get for radios lacking shortwave coverage.

I love the simple design, the analog dial, and the three choices of finish: walnut, black leatherette, and silver piano finish.

At $145.95, the WR-15 is no bargain basement find, but I’m willing to bet it’ll perform quite well. Perhaps as well as my Tivoli Model One? We’ll see.

I’m sure Jeff will post a review on the Herculodge after he receives his unit in the coming weeks/months!  Thanks for the tip, Jeff!

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