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Sangean WR-15: great looks, but poor performance?

Sangean-AMFM-RadioJeff, over at the Herculodge, writes with some disappointing news:

What a shame John bought the WR-15 and thinks it stinks: http://herculodge.typepad.com/herculodge/2015/04/john-cannot-recommend-the-sangean-wr-15-radio-due-to-subpar-am-and-fm.html

Oh, that is a shame. An AM/FM radio with poor AM/FM sensitivity has little appeal (even if it has a great chassis).

John (the reviewer) mentions what sounds like a squelching effect during tuning as well–when a strong signal is received, volume increases with the “lock.” Perhaps a sign this Sangean receiver is powered by a DSP chip and isn’t analog at all?

I expected something better from Sangean. At least the WR-15 is one thing I can safely pull off of my Amazon wish list!

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