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Tony’s homebrew mag loop antenna and amplifier

Fullscreen capture 10312015 115110 AM

Yesterday, Tony (K3DY), shared a video (via Twitter) demonstrating his new home brew loop antenna and amplifier.

This is actually a great demonstration of how even a relatively simple, inexpensive loop antenna can improve reception in locations with heavy radio interference. Tony includes the following notes with his video:

“Testing a new receiving loop antenna that I built today. It uses a pre amplifier based on deferential setup of two 2N5109 transistors. Loop is made out of coaxial cable, only the shield is connected to the circuit.

Quick demo on 31 meters, lots of stations at sunset time. No time for further testing but I observed a pronounced directivity below 7 MHz. 75 meters is so quiet that it makes me forget I live in a townhouse. As a comparison, my noise level on 75 meters is at S8 on an end fed [antenna].

I will use this loop primarily for SWLing purposes but I may use it as a separate receiving antenna with my amateur radio equipment.

A lot of fun, loops are fascinating and efficient!

Indeed, Tony! And perhaps the icing on the cake is that loop antennas are so portable, low-profile and easy to deploy. They’re ideal for those living in restricted areas and with picky home owners’ associations.

Inspired by my buddy Vlado (N3CZ), I’ve actually been collecting the pieces to build my own mag loop antenna this winter. I doubt the parts for my loop will exceed ten dollars as I plan to use the shield of some heavy coax for the primary loop and a little PVC for support (much like Tony’s loop).

Tony’s video is inspiring me to go a step further and also build a simple amplifier. Any suggestions or schematics for doing so are most welcome!

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