Tom reviews the Tivdio V-115

Many thanks to SWLing Post contributor, Tom Stiles, who notes that he’s recently posted a video review of the Tivdio V-115 on his YouTube channel. He added that the V-115 is an, “amazing little shortwave radio with many functions including MP3 recording.”

Check out Tom’s review via the embedded player or YouTube link below.

Click here to view on YouTube.

Many thanks, Tom, for sharing your review!

Funny story…

After watching most of Tom’s video this morning while packing for YAT (Yet Another Trip–!) I thought purchasing a V-115 from Amazon might make a lot of sense. Frankly, it would be handy to have a portable that does even a mediocre job of recording shortwave to MP3 files.

I did a quick search on Amazon only to discover, in the search results, that the quickest I could receive the V-115 was next Wednesday. I considered shipping it to my hotel.

Once I opened the product link for the V-115, I saw the following message from Amazon:

I thought, “What?!?  I don’t remember this purchase…!”

A bit confused, I opened the large container that holds all of the portables I use for review benchmarks. It was the only place this radio could be hiding. Inside, I discovered an unopened box containing an Audiomax SRW-710S–looking in my Amazon order history, I confirmed that the Tivdio V-115 is also badged as the Audiomax 710-S and Amazon linked the two.

Then, my memory kicked in! I purchased the SRW-710S for review, but pushed it to the backburner. Then in December 2016, SWLing Post contributor, Troy Riedel, submitted a full review of the SRW-710S.

Click here to read Troy’s review.

After Troy’s review, I sat the 710S aside and, frankly, forgot I had even purchased it (after all, quite a few radios come into and go out of my shack!).

I’ll pack the 710S and test its recording capabilities on the road this week.

Tom seems to have been favorably impressed with the Tivdio V-115–perhaps the Tivdio version has had some performance tweaks?

Post readers: Anyone else have a version of this radio?  What are your impressions?  Please comment!

8 thoughts on “Tom reviews the Tivdio V-115

    1. T DeForest

      Owned one of these since January, 2017. Cost was $15.09, shipped from China, and received in 10 days.

      FM reception is quite good, as is the MP3 record and playback. Amazing audio quality for such a small, inexpensive item. Tactile feel of control buttons is commensurate with the price. The visual display and character size / font compare with more expensive portables. Case is not flimsy, but not overbuilt, either. Antenna rod must be purposely small to offset front-end overload on very strong SW signals.

      Some front end overload from the shortwave powerhouses on 4840, 9375, etc that is not present on AMBC. AMBC and shortwave signals are masked by very high internal digital noises manifested in the audio on all but the strongest stations. This is usually caused by poor internal shielding of digital circuitry or the display. Has anyone had a similar issue and had the time to investigate? I’m thinking a couple of ground points and tin shielding material can cure this, making the radio a real bargain.

      T. D.

  1. Ronald

    I think you have a serious problem when you buy stuff, and don’t even open it! Ha ha. Too many toys.
    Just kidding. keep up the good work. Somebody has to test all these radios.


  2. Adi

    Hi, I have the 710S for few months and it’s great for FM and podcasts. (not much SW 4 me in a big city)
    Only recently I found undocumented feature on it.
    The culprit is that one can’t delete MP3 files that were loaded to the card, only internal recordings can be deleted with the DEL button. But now you can, here how
    1) when on MP3 listening mode , press/hold PLAY until menu, select ROOT
    2) press PLAY and navigate to the file you want to delete with the II
    3) press the volume – down delete massage pop, confirm with PLAY.

    I hope it will be useful to all.

  3. Roger Waters

    I own the Audiomax version of this radio. I have recorded classical music from an FM station using the Audiomax. When playing the recording on an iphone with $100 Audio Technica headpbones, the recording sounded quite good. Using the Audiomax to play recorded music off its storage card also sounds pretty good if the equalizer setting is Jazz and the headphones are expensive. While the Audiomax does not have a timer, its Auto On or Sleep function will save any recording when it turns off the radio automatically. When playing music off the storage card, the music can be listed according to artist. But the artist listing is not completely alphabetical. Radio reception for AM, FM, and SW is solid but not DX quality. When entering a frequency you have to wait about 4 seconds before the frequency changes. Also you cannot scroll to any desired frequency. The scrolling keys will skip over any frequency which does not have a significant signal. Where the Audiomax shines is that with a press of a button you can go from a boring commercial on the radio to some nice prerecorded music or podcast. For the radio alone, the Audiomax is worth its selling price.

  4. Rick S

    I ordered one of these yesterday to use for calibrating a 40 meter transceiver that I recently built. The TIVDIO V-115 was the only inexpensive radio that looked like it might do the job. All of the analog radios in the same price range seemed to truncate the bands (lopping off a little on each end). If this little guy will receive 7023-7125khz I’ll be satisfied however after reading your review it appears that it will do more than that.

  5. J D Bulow-Osborne

    I bought two of the TIVDIO version radios several months ago. A 16GB TF card completed each one. They are, of course, re-chargeable, the sound, for the size, is excellent, the case finish is worthy of a more expensive item. Button lock, mp3 recording, auxiliary input, delete function, (including unwanted channels that the auto-tune has found), makes them a real bargain. They impress everyone who sees – and hears – them. OK, so there’s no clock or DAB, but for just over £12, including shipping from China(?), it would be really churlish to complain. One battery charge seems to last a very long time.


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