DK’s Barn Find: A GE Super Radio II

My good friend, David Korchin (K2WNW), has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough.

He’s been known to find a radio that needs TLC, take it home and restore a bit of its former glory. He’s had some amazing luck in the past.

Recently, DK sent a video of of his recent acquisition: a beat-up GE Super Radio II he purchased for two dollars. This radio will win no beauty contests, but it still plays well.

Check out DK’s video:

Click here to view on YouTube.

Many thanks, DK, for allowing me to post this video. It goes to show you that you should never pass up an opportunity to adopt a Super Radio. Even if the telescopic antenna is all but missing, the internal ferrite bar is where the money is!

Play on!

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4 thoughts on “DK’s Barn Find: A GE Super Radio II

  1. Raymond Ward

    I’ll watch the video after this comment. I bought a Superadio at a local swap meet for $30.00 and cleaned it off with Armor All liberally. When it dried I took a blue detail rag and buffed the tuner lens. She has normal wear and a(1) ding on the speaker screen and that’s it! I put her up against a Tecsun PL 660 and a CCRadio 2e. SPANK!!! What are the best competition radios to pit her up against in a side by side comparison? Also I found out that she’s made in Malaysia (not China) in 1987. Wonderful condition-nothing missing or broken

    1. Joe

      I’d be curious to know how a Superadio II would fare in a direct comparison with the CC Radio-EP PRO, with regard to sound quality as well as sensitivity and selectivity. I bought a Superadio II on eBay and held onto it for a while, but I just didn’t use it that much, and ultimately sold it for about what I paid for it. It was in pretty good shape, but it had some minor cosmetic issues, particularly a slightly bent antenna, that bugged me. I decided that I’d probably prefer to buy a new radio and put my own dings and dents in it. More important, there’s not a lot of great content on the radio in my city, so an aux in jack is pretty much a must for me. DX’ing is something I might do once in a blue moon, but it’s not one of my frequent pastimes.

  2. Arthur Smith

    I just got one of these at a yard sale for .75 cents. There is no way I would pay eBay prices for one of these. Yes, it’s a great AM performer, and I think the FM performance is underrated. But, the build quality is that typical cheap feeling GE plastic, and the styling really is a throwback to a classic Radio Shack look. The antenna and AC cord are in tact, the battery door is missing (I’d love to find a replacement). But my 1st night of AM DX’ing yielded some great results, tuning in stations in Ohio that sounded like they were next door. Don’t expect to have precise dial accuracy, it’s just a ballpark. But if you like that “spin the wheel”, let’s see what we can find approach, you’ll have a blast with one of these. Just don’t pay too much for one.


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