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The 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

Yesterday, I had two reminders of how important shortwave radio is in China. The first was this incredible recording shared by David Goren–an unidentified Radio Beijing announcer who departed from the script and commented on the massacre of protestors in … Continue reading

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Syria loses the Internet (again)

This week one of my favorite public radio programs, Marketplace, aired an interview with Matthew Prince, CEO of website security firm CloudFlare. Marketplace’s host, Kai Ryssdal, asked Price why Syria’s Internet is so vulnerable to shut-down. You see, on Tuesday Syria’s Internet had completely shut … Continue reading

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All Africa: Digital Did Not Kill the Radio Star

This is a brilliant article on the importance and relevance of radio by David Smith with All Africa.  Below you’ll find some quotes, but it must be read in its entirety: (Source: All Africa) By David Smith Radio threatens many of … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera: Radio Free Sarawak offers alternative voice ahead of elections

Clandestine station, Radio Free Sarawak, offers an alternative voice in Malaysia ahead of elections next week. For those living in remote jungle communities–places where the Internet is not readily available–Radio Free Sarawak can be heard on shortwave radio. Al Jazeera’s Florence … Continue reading

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RNW looks into Zimbabwe’s history of media repression

Ironically, Radio Netherlands Worldwide was once an international voice for those living without free press. In the following RNW article,  Dlamini points out that technology is advancing at a rapid pace and media outlets increasing; however, radio remains the most accessible means of … Continue reading

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BBC World Service program discusses Chinese jamming

In the latest episode of Over To You, host Rajan Datar discusses how the BBC World Service’s shortwave transmissions are being affected by jamming in parts of Asia. It’s a short but informative episode. Even Datar and his guest, Nigel Fry (Head … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: More police raids in search of shortwave radios

In this case it’s not a child who was targeted in the raid, rather, the Prime Minister’s Principal Director: (Source: SW Radio Africa) A top lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa, is being held by Harare police after she reacted to early morning … Continue reading

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