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Why shortwave? Russia blocks web pages linked to Ukraine protests

In response to the BBG’s request for comments on the relevancy of shortwave radio, SWLing Post reader, Rick, writes: “Here is the reason why VOA needs to keep broadcasting on shortwave. Russia (or China or Angola or Zimbabwe or Iraq … Continue reading

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BBC News on the long-term survival of shortwave radio

Many thanks to SWLing Post reader, Alex, who shares this essential listening: an audio report aired at 17:45 GMT today by Lucy Burton of the BBC World Service. In this report, Burton discusses the future (or lack thereof) of shortwave … Continue reading

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Shortwave radio: the secret item found in many North Korean homes

I’m not surprised to find that North Korean families hide shortwave radios. After all, if it’s well hidden, and listened to privately, there is no way the government can monitor what is heard on shortwave, nor trace it back to the … Continue reading

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Cameroon takes a note from Mugabe, shuts down 11 media outlets

While I certainly can’t confirm they got the idea from Robert Mugabe, nonetheless, it seems more than coincidental that as Cameroon enters an election cycle, the government is closing down media outlets that journalists describe as critical of the current … Continue reading

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Brian Hongwe reports on importance of shortwave radios in Zimbabwe

Many thanks to Dave for sharing this excellent radio documentary from the BBC World Service show, The Fifth Floor. In this brief report, reporter Brian Hongwe clearly explains why police are seizing shortwave radios and arresting those who own them in the … Continue reading

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Cambodia bans foreign radio in advance of elections

(Source: Radio Free Asia) The Cambodian government has ordered local radio stations to stop broadcasting foreign programs ahead of general elections in a move widely seen as a major setback to media freedom in the country and aimed at stifling … Continue reading

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The 24th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square

Yesterday, I had two reminders of how important shortwave radio is in China. The first was this incredible recording shared by David Goren–an unidentified Radio Beijing announcer who departed from the script and commented on the massacre of protestors in … Continue reading

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