The Grundig Globe Traveler G3–now shipping

Grundig G3 Voyager

Grundig G3 - Now shipping

Universal Radio has announced, on their product page, that the Grundig G3 is now shipping. I’ve already ordered one to review.

Pricing is $149.95–a price point similar to the Grundig G5 (which no longer appears in Grundig’s product line). Through Universal, you actually get a Grundig AN200 indoor antenna as a bonus–currently the best deal I could find amongst retailers. See our previous post regarding the Grundig G3 for additional information, and check out Universal’s product page. We will post new info on the G3 as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Universal is now offering a free Grundig AN200 antenna with the G3 purchase ($149.99).

UPDATE: Click here to see our initial G3 review.

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