The EBU to discontinue ERT broadcasts

GreekPublicTVThe transition from ERT to New Hellenic Radio is underway and the European Broadcasting Union will cease broadcasting ERT over the Internet and satellite.

I’ve heard nothing regarding how this will affect the Voice of Greece, but I have certainly noted VoG’s absence on 9,420 and 15,650 kHz again tonight. I’m uncertain if VoG has been using the EBU satellite feed for broadcasts lately, or using legacy ERT sources. I will listen for VoG again tomorrow.

[Update: check our latest post about an EBU petition.]

Here is the EBU press release:

(Source: EBU)

The EBU will cease to stream the former Greek public service broadcaster ERT via its satellite capacity and its website on Wednesday August 21 at 9am. 

The decision follows reports that ERT’s temporary replacement, Greek Public Television (EDT), will broadcast news services this week.

Since 12 June, when the Greek Government abruptly stopped ERT from operating, the EBU has delivered 8.5 million live streams for a total of 4.4 million hours of cumulative viewing to 2.5 million unique visitors and consistently called for the restitution of public service media in Greece, which is vital for culture, democracy and for society itself.

The EBU leadership has also written to the Greek Government offering its support and expertise to help ERT’s planned successor, known as New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT), NERIT fulfil its potential for independence and solid governance.

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11 thoughts on “The EBU to discontinue ERT broadcasts

    1. Milt Poulos

      Thanks for your comments. My Grundig S450DLX has recording capability but haven’t recorded. I have an old cassette tape player that I can use. Maybe I can learn how to record on a PC and make MP3 files.

  1. Dan

    Right now (2148 UTC Tues 8/20) I’m listening to VoG on 9,420 kHz. Of all things, they’re playing Dylan’s Tambourine Man. S9+10 in Central NJ on the Perseus. 73

    1. Thomas Post author

      Thanks, Dan. Yes, indeed, I hear them loud and clear here as well. Been recording 9,420 for nearly 3 hours. Their music is certainly venturing outside of the Greek language.

  2. passing by

    > The decision follows reports that ERT’s temporary replacement, Greek Public Television (EDT), will broadcast news services this week.

    It should be noted that the so called “news service” will not be produced by EDT, but by MEGA Channel, a private TV station which unsurprisingly has “special ties” with the government.

    The whole EDT is just an opaque institution funded on shady deals. If ERT was bad, EDT is the epitome of opaqueness and cronyism.

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