Grundig G3 discontinued, Tecsun PL-880 on the way

The Grundig G3 shortwave radio.

The Grundig G3 shortwave radio.

Not really a surprise, but I’ve confirmed that the Grundig G3 has been discontinued. They are still available, for the moment, from Universal Radio and online sources like I would not advise buying from Amazon as I’ve received numerous complaints that they’ve shipped faulty units. Universal Radio, on the other hand, is testing each an every G3 leaving their shop.

With the exit of the G3, this leaves Grundig with the following selection of shortwave portables:


Tecsun PL-880

Tecsun, meanwhile, is adding to their extensive line of shortwave portables. Indeed, this morning, W4ASZ comments:

“I found this link courtesy of the manly men at Herculodge :

Looking pretty good !”

I agree and I do feel cautiously optimistic about the Tecsun PL-880. Could it be my new travel radio? Though I still happily travel with the Grundig G3, Sony ICF-SW7600GR and Tecsun PL-380, a guy can’t have too many radios to choose from!

I’ll plan to review the PL-880 once it’s available. I’m particularly interested in seeing how it stacks up against the venerable Tecsun PL-660.

Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Grundig G3 discontinued, Tecsun PL-880 on the way

  1. Doyle W. Simmons

    I own both of G-3 & PL-880 radios. The G-3 is my favorite. The PL-880 sucks on ssb not to mention price difference.

  2. Doyle W. Simmons

    I own both the G-3 & PL-880. The G-3 is my favorite. SSB on the PL-880 sucks. The price difference is great.

  3. Mark

    I am really curious to see what effect the DSP has on SSB. I believe this will be a first. I understand the DSP will be placed between the IF stages.. It should be different.

  4. Ron Luyster

    I purchased one of the Grundig G3 receivers from Amazon a few months ago. How can I determine if it was one of the faulty ones?

    1. Thomas Post author

      Hi, Ron,

      My guess is that you probably would have already noticed. Many received units that were scuffed and showed signs of having been used. Check the sensitivity on shortwave and listen for extra noise on the AM BC band (medium wave).

      Best thing, though, is to check the comments in these posts:



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