Excellent price for Grundig G3 at Amazon

GrundigG3Thanks to both Mike and Gary for pointing out that the Grundig G3 is currently $47.21 with free shipping at Amazon.com.

That is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this excellent shortwave portable. I’ve noticed that the price has actually fluctuated over the past 24 hours, but I haven’t seen it higher than $52.46.

Click here to view the Grundig G3 on Amazon.com.

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13 thoughts on “Excellent price for Grundig G3 at Amazon

  1. Dave

    Well, when I got to it it was up to $59 but that’s still a great deal so I snagged one. It arrived today. I suspect like Gary (above) that it was a returned unit. Lots of scuffs and signs of use. So… I’ve sent it back to Amazon asking for a replacement. We’ll see what shows up. I see now that it’s selling for $96. I would hate to think that Amazon would be selling off returned stuff at a discount and yet presenting it as new.

      1. Dave

        I sure will Thomas. Amazon’s return process is super easy. They even sent me a message telling me when my replacement will arrive. As I recall they usually ship out the replacement as soon as you initiate the return. If, of course, they don’t receive the returned item, you’re charged for it. So I’m pretty sure they’ll send me another one. What remains to be seen is whether that one is actually brand new. Stay tuned…

        1. Thomas Post author

          You’re right, Dave. They make the process pretty easy and usually give no hassle. Fingers crossed they get it right this time!

  2. Gary

    I received my $52 Grundig G3 today. Unfortunately, it appears to have been a re-sold defective unit. The whip antenna is bent, MW AM sensitivity is far worse than my Sony 7600GR, there is lots of internal noise on MW AM, and sync locks only on the strongest stations (and 1 kHz low).

  3. Mike

    Well it was a bargain while it lasted. Hopefully some SWLing.com/blog readers picked up a good deal with this posting……..if it is any consolation I paid the previous price of $79.99 only two weeks back!

    My price watch trick is to leave items in my Amazon cart “saved for later” and price watch daily.

  4. Shawn

    No longer available at Radio Shack either. I bought one when they fist came out but returned it due to horrible AM reception and the synch detector didn’t work. I wouldn’t surprised to see one big amazon seller or Universal to buy as many of these as they can at that price. The G5 and G6 both were reduced to really low prices to get rid of them.

    I hope they drop the 750 price in the future.

  5. T. Riedel

    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but within the past 7-days Eton removed the G3 from their available products list (last week you could still but it direct from Eton – I think for $89.99 if my memory is correct) and Eton even removed the downloadable G3 Data Sheet. Currently, the only radios for sale in the Shortwave Category are the G2, G8, Mini 400, S450DLX & the Sat 750.


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