Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice Of Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran

On Thursday, March 14th, I tuned to the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran on 9.895 MHz at 02:30 UTC.

The signal was strong, but audio somewhat typically over-modulated. However, I was able to record the full broadcast.

Click here to download the MP3 of the recording, or simply listen via the embedded player below:

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1 thought on “Shortwave Radio Recordings: Voice Of Islamic Republic of Iran

  1. Myke

    It’s simultaneously awesome and frustrating how good the music from Iran is. Every year on ShortWaveMusic I end up recording about 25% Iran. It’s actually a pity how little of it gets out on VOIRI, since they tend to stick to the Quranic recitations, but Iran’s regional mediumwave stations are unbelievable.


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