Radio Australia in NA: best times and frequencies on Saturdays?

ABC-GrandstandMy good friend, Rob De Santos, is trying to identify the best times and frequencies to hear Radio Australia across North America on Saturdays. Can you help him?

Rob writes:

“I am updating a page on my website with shortwave info on Radio Australia’s Grandstand coverage of Australian football. Typically this occurs on Friday night / Saturday morning US time (0330 to 1230 UTC Saturday, varies). As you all know, RA does not target North America and hasn’t for some time however some of the frequencies can be heard here.

I can tell you which ones I can hear in Columbus, OH but that doesn’t really give me much feel for all of the USA or Canada so I need your feedback. What is best in Vancouver, BC and Naples, FL are not likely identical and not at the same hours.

Which RA frequencies are best at your location between 0330 and 1230 UTC Saturdays? Are there particular hours better than others?

If you can [comment here] with the best frequencies and your QTH that would be terrific. The more geographic diversity and individual experience I can get the better advice I can give on the web page.

Rob de Santos”

Readers: if you can help Rob, please comment below.  Many thanks in advance!

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7 thoughts on “Radio Australia in NA: best times and frequencies on Saturdays?

  1. TP Reitzel

    Apparently, the initial cuts to ABC are minimal. We’ll have to see as the drama continues to unfold with time. ABC really needs to allow Radio Australia to broadcast DRM and thereby save money on the cost of power…

  2. TP Reitzel

    Within a day, we should probably know the effects of any cuts to the budget of ABC’s international services …

  3. kc9hzn

    In east central Illinois (well beyond the intended coverage area)), Radio Australia comes in pretty well on any given North American morning, up until about 1330 UTC. Saturday Night Country is pretty readable during the 1200 UTC hour, gets a little choppy during the 1300 UTC hour, fades out by 1400 UTC.

  4. Dave

    I would wait until after the Federal Budget in about two weeks time regarding any times or frequencies for Radio Australia, we are expecting massive cuts to the ABC and Radio National.

    1. Thomas Post author

      Dave, I’ve been trying to stay on top of this. Honestly, I do fear significant cuts to RA. Hope I’m worried over nothing, though. RA is my staple news source on SW these days.

      I listen to RA as easily as I do a local AM station in their 10:00-15:00 time slot on 9,580 kHZ here in eastern North America.


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